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Genesis 39:19-20 Between God and Nollywood I don't know who writes the crazier scripts. Both do - the only difference being that Nollywood's scripts lead nowhere. They go round and round like an airplane denied its scheduled landing. Last week, I committed the crime of sitting down to watch a Nollywood movie on Africa Magic - the worst investment I made in 2014. But let's talk about God's scripts. An American businessman I admire very much is fond of saying, "**** will happen!" (Please forgive all the s**t expletives in this meditation). After the wear and tear of the years of my life, I can confidently say that the expression was lifted directly from God's scripts for my life. I'm not alone in the **** business, though. I am currently on a 7-month Bible reading plan - that is, to complete the Bible in 7 months. My goal is to read through the Bible at least once every year of life. (By the way, if you read and write, and you haven't read through the Bible at least once, your glass is half empty!) As I relieved the biography of Joseph as captured in Genesis, the moment he wore that coat of many colors, that moment he opened his mouth and disclosed: "The sun and moon and eleven stars would bow down to me," I knew immediately that **** would happen. And it did! Once you open your mouth and tell the world, "I am going to be different," **** would come at you. If you live among failures, they hate it when you take responsibility for your financial future instead of joining their blame party. They hate it when you tell them, "Witches and wizards are not the cause of your misery and poverty - you are solely responsible for the results you are getting in your lives." If you work among gossipers, they hate you when you close your ears to them and refuse to participate in their juicy tales. Misery loves company. I tell you this from personal experience: If you are headed for greatness, you will experience s**t after s**t before you finally arrive. If you watch American movies, you would have noticed 5 major classifications of ****, in their order of increasing shittiness: 1. **** 2. Bull **** 3. **** that hits the fan 4. Deep **** 5. Holy **** I have personally experienced all those levels of ****. I experienced holy **** a few months ago; there's nothing holy about it! If you dream of becoming great, forget the easy road. You will be bombarded with stress from all sides - relationships, marriage, money, friends, business. You will be booed and blackmailed. Your bankruptcy won't happen just once. You will face immeasurable embarrassment of being financially broke. Bogeymen will stalk you and mount cameras at your doorsteps, waiting for you to fall so they could first break the news. All those who called themselves your friends will melt away like butter on a frying pan. I've seen ****, believe me! So, God sat me down over the weekend, and for the first time in my journey with Him, explained to me how His crazy scripts for greatness work. I shared it with my family. In excitement, my sons cycled the script through the lives of many characters in the Bible - Joseph, Moses, David, Paul, etc and it was frighteningly real. When you understand this script, you would be at peace with God's seemingly crazy plan for your life. The script goes in five G-stages: G - glimpse of glory G - gravity G - gutter G - grace G - glory First, God shows you a GLIMPSE of a life of immense possibilities - stars and moons bowing down to you. He told Abraham, "Look up and count the stars." Almost immediately, GRAVITY begins to pull you down - because you don't become a star by faith only; you must develop your mental faculties and embrace an occupation! Peter said, "To your faith, add …" Faith and positive thinking-talking aren't enough. Praying and fasting aren't enough. You must use your head and engage your hands. (Nigerian youth, it doesn't matter who you vote for; you will still be poor unless you use your head and engage your hands in a profitable skill.) But then, gravity doesn't stop pulling, until it lands you straight into the GUTTER. In the smelly sewage, you're completely reduced to nothing, humbled, stripped of all earthly boasting. Whoever thought that it could come to a time that I, a former Shell staff, won't find N50 in my pocket ... can't pay utility bills? It did happen. At some point in my gutter experience, I asked God in anger, "Why are You doing this to me? Why are You dumping me from one humiliating experience to another?" I'll never forget His answer: "Ogbo, I'm doing this to you so that at the end, you won't be stupid enough to tell the world that you did it in your power." God also uses the gutter experience to make you learn the greatest virtues of patience and perseverance. "Patience must finish its work," declared St. James. The longer it takes you to learn patience, the longer your gutter experience would last, especially in marriage and business. Patience is the salt in the soup of marriage. Forbearance is the spice. But God won't leave you in the gutter forever. Hallelujah! So, He moves you to one defining moment of GRACE, and everything changes overnight! In Joseph's case, He arranged a dream for Pharaoh which no one else but Joseph could interpret. God does something for you, and suddenly your name comes up in an unexpected place at an unexpected time. You receive a phone call, an email, or a chance encounter that instantly alters your destiny! It's as if you're in a dream. All the sufferings of your life suddenly melt into overwhelming peace, abundance and joy. To everyone, it would appear as "overnight success." Finally, the GLORY you saw at the beginning; the glory that eluded you for years, has now arrived your doorsteps, effortlessly! Joseph goes right from Portipher's dungeon to becoming the most influential man in the world besides Pharaoh! Joseph's journey from the GLIMPSE to the GLORY took at least 14 years of sibling hatred, slavery, hard labor, blackmail and life imprisonment. Abraham's journey to the promise took 25 years of waiting. Why don't you relax, O generation of speed! In which of the 5 G's are you now? Just look up the next G … it's not the end of the world for you. For God's scripts might be crazy but at the end, "I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not evil … to give you an expected end. May your expected end happen soon as this year comes to an end! I love you. Have a merry Christmas and happy New Year! Remain healthy, wealthy and wise! Credit: Ogbo Awoke Ogbo


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