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X-traordinary: ABC Of Knowing True Love Part 24

  • X - X-traordinary


    Your love to each other must go beyond average.


    Agape love is not ordinary love, it is extra-ordinary and this is what you need to get your courtship going into wedding and having a blissful and blossoming marriage.


    You can love your friends ordinarily, but your love for your fiancé or spouse should be extraordinary.


    You can love your parents with the love that springs from paternal and maternal chord, but the love for your loved one should exceed that.


    After God, the next person you love is your loved one.


    That love goes beyond ordinary.


    You love him or her more than this world.


    Your goal after pleasing God is to please him or her.


    Your desire is to be with him or her.


    This extraordinary love will destroy the capacity for adultery or cheating.


    The thought will never come across, because you don't want to wrong the one you love.


    This extraordinary love engenders an unbelievable flow of loving kindness towards each other.


    That loving kindness has no part two.


    It takes all cruelty away.


    You can forgive easily.


    This loving kindness will not allow emotional cheating, because this is where ladies often faulter.


    The extraordinary love will take away a heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh, and you will not be able to cheat on your husband on the emotional level.


    You will not be imagining being in love with another man while making love with your husband.


    Those actions have covenant implications and can slow you down, because adultery in thoughts is adultery in reality according to Jesus Christ.


    The extraordinary love will keep you praying and interceding for your loved one continually.


    You simply know that his progress is your own advancement.


    So, all you want for each other is progress.


    Even when you are pissed at each other, you easily forgive.


    Pray for such love.


    Extraordinary love is the agape love, the love of God.


    May God grant more understanding


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    I will be an extra-ordinary lover 


    Lord, make me an extra ordinary lover to my loved one 


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