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I Have A Friend, A Lover and A Sweetheart

  • There is hardly anyone on earth who does not have at least one friend.
    Well if you don't have one, then you are probably not friendly enough as He who will have friends must show himself friendly.
    Friendship is sweet and true friends are hard to come by these days. However there's a friend you should have even if you have no other.
    His name is Jesus.
    Let us look at what the acronym FRIEND stands for.
    F- Faithful
    Proverbs 18:24 says ...
    'there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother'. Jesus never fails & can never fail.
    R- Relationship
    He wants to have a relationship with you.
    You cannot claim to be someone's friend and you do not communicate with him/her.
    Study the word regularly and pray in the Holy Ghost.
    James 4:8a says
    'draw near to God and He will draw near to you'.
    I- Indispensable
    In reality, to fulfill destiny, one has to walk with Jesus.
    Jeremiah 18:4 makes an illustration of the Potter and the clay.
    Acts 17:28 also says
    'in Him we move, live and have our being'
    E- Emphatic
    Jesus understands perfectly everything we go through and can relate accordingly John 11:33-35
    N- No secret
    Friends do not keep vital information from each other.
    Gen 18:17 says '...
    shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing'?
    D- Delights in you
    Psalms 149:4 says
    'for the Lord takes delight in his people...'
    Oh how I love Jesus.
    No greater love can a friend have than for him to lay down his life.
    I pray that the grace to seek and find a friend in Jesus is given unto us, amen!
    It is from friendship that a lover and a sweetheart emerges!
    May God show that true friend!
    You will not fall in love with an enemy!
    God will lead and orchestrate you steps into His plans for your life.
    You will not "shi" marry! That is, you will not marry wrong!
    You path will not cross with wicked men and strange women!
    For those who are married, you will be friends with each other for long!
    An enemy will not get into your affairs!
    God will guide and guard you!
    I surround you with Shalom, nothing missing, nothing broken in Jesus name!

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    I will have true friends

    Lord, shield me my true friend  


    "All my inward friends abhorred me: and they whom I loved are turned against me."  
    Job 19:19 (KJV)


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