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KHC Monthly Partners' Letter - December 2015

  • December 7, 2015 5:24 AM GMT

    Waoh! It is the last month of the year! Thank you dearest Partners!

    The blessings of God be with you! Thank you for all the seed sown!

    Thanks for your continued partnership! This ministry is your ministry as much as it is ours! As Partners together with KHC, we share in this great vision, in its blessing and in its mandate to reach the world.

    This last month of the year, our deep seated prayer is that God will indeed honour you and cause the light of His countenance to shine upon you! We love you and we deeply appreciate your continued commitment. As you continue to help us fulfil this mandate, God will continue to honour you as well.

    Heaven will announce you. Your deepest desire in God will be granted. Kindly visit Partners Hub, a page we have created for our Partners only where you can access different materials

    On Partner's Hub, we currently have hundreds of PDfs from differrent authors like Kenneth Hagin, Bill Winston, Billy Joe Daugherty, Charles Capps, Creflo Dollar, David Yongi Cho, Derek Prince, F.F.Bostworth, Gloria Copeland, Jerry Savelle, John Osteen, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Leroy Thompson, Lester Sumrall, Norvel Hayes, Oral Roberts, Rodney Howard Browne, Andrew Wommack, Myles Munroe, Perry Stone, Rick Joyner, T L Osborn, Mike Murdock, Rick Renner, E.W. Kenyon, Maxwell Whyte, Edwin Loiuse, Terry Law and Charles and Francis Hunter. More are still being added.

    We also have some audio messages and more are still being added. You can download all this for your edification and spiritual growth and this is our commitment to you as our Partners!

    As you are making revelation knowledge available for others by your seed through KHC, you will not lack in revelation in your own life!

    If you are a consistent Partner or you just signed up as a Partner and yet you can't view any folder or files on that page, kindly send a mail to, we will check our records and we will promptly add you to Partners' Hub. Once again to proceed to Partner's Hub, Click HERE

    Once again, God bless you!

    2016 will be a glorious year for us all.

    Everlastingly at it,
    Kisses and Huggs
    Dunamis & Sophia Okunowo

  • December 9, 2015 3:00 PM GMT


    God bless KHC!

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    December 10, 2015 9:29 AM GMT
    Amen! Thank you! I receive! God bless you Pastors Dunamis and Sophia!