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A Good Lover Is Like A Good Car

Cars are great. Good. Fast. Solve lots of problems. A bad car can also be a affliction. I used to have a wicked car like that, around 2002, a cute Nissan Primeria, but riddled with problems within. The car had a mind of its own. It stops when it wants to stop and moves when it wants to. I ought to be driving the car, but the car was successfully driving me. When someone gave me another car few month after, I was delivered.
But a good car is great. Sleek. Efficient.
Lovers are like cars!
Let’s go ahead and explore this.
1. A car without oil will break down.

When it comes to vehicles, engine oil is priceless. You don’t joke with it. Without it, the car will not function well. 

A lover without “oil” is a risk. Like a car, his engine would soon knock!
Does your lover know the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is the oil of the believer.
Nothing can substitute for the Holy Spirit. 

You can't put water in your car engine.
Fun and partying will not take the place of the Holy Spirit. The emptiness in a man’s life will never be satiated with alcohol and partying. 

If your lover does not know and have the Holy Spirit, he or she is without oil, an engine knock is in the offing. 

When the engine knocks, the journey of life is truncated. things slow down.
May your life not be stopped because of loving the wrong person!
2. A car with cute body but nasty interior is not worth it

You saw a car. You wanted it. So badly. So cute. Nice body. You ask for the key and you take one look at the interior and you are miffed.
Completely peeved!

Torn leather, disjointed dashboard, no sound system. You simply walk away.

There are lovers who are like that. Nice packaging, but empty inside. 

Nice body, with the hips, lips and tips in place.
The right statistics. Coca Cola bottle. Hour glass. But intellectually empty. Spiritually inept. Nice diction, but lazy drones!
That’s a wrong lover to be with.
The scriptures warns against such!

Pro 11:22 (KJV)  
As a jewel of gold in a swine's snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion.
The Message Translation says
Pro 11:22 (MSG)  
Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful face on an empty head.

He can be tall, dark and handsome (TDH), but what does he know about God? Is he a natural man or a spiritual man?
It is only a spiritual man that can lead the family and receive from God on your behalf. 

1Co 2:14 (KJV)  

But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
Spiritual things are silliness to a natural man!

1Co 2:14 (MSG)  

The unspiritual self, just as it is by nature, can't receive the gifts of God's Spirit. There's no capacity for them. They seem like so much silliness. Spirit can be known only by spirit—God's Spirit and our spirits in open communion.

Thank God for the hot legs, but does she have a hot heart for God?
Before you buy the car, check well.
There are cars that are moving coffins.

Before you fall in love, watch out.
There are lover that will set your destiny backward and fill you with regrets.
Take your time.
Check with God and be led by the Holy Spirit.

To be continued tomorrow. 

Your relationship is blessed!

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I will not be deceived

I pray, Lord give me fresh oil 


Psa 92:10 (KJV)  But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil.


Praise God today


Job 17 - 18

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