Episode 11 - A Text Message And A Bank Alert!

Dear Diary,
How are you, hope you're doing well? Don't let the harmattan weigh you down just as it's trying to get me...cover well and be good hun.
Let's continue our romantic gist...Yeahn! That was my own style of saying Yes to Boo, at least my mum never said Yes to my dad's proposal, she's still thinking about it even though they've been happily married for over 40 years.
Okay, we parted that night and the emotions was so strong that he forgot his house key with me! A whole house o, not just room, gate key was also there...
I told him while I was on my way home and we decided he'll get it at the park before I left Abuja. We're glad we'll be seeing again but sad that it won't be easy for him entering the house. He later told me he climbed the fence and entered the room somehow.
When we met the following morning, the joy we had erased the pain of the previous night. He was there as the car got filled, and couldn't leave until we started moving.
I felt like a part of me was waving back at me as we moved and saw him wave non-stop.
We hadn't left the vicinity of the garage when I received his text saying "You're the second best thing that happened to me, encountering God was the first"
The text was accompanied by a Bank credit alert too!
Right inside the car, I smiled not for the money but for the gift of a man full of God's love towards me. I'm favoured!
I'm feeling mushy mushy already,
Can we do this again tomorrow?
With love,

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