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Are You Really In Love With Each Other?

Do I really love this person or does this person really love me?

This is very important!
After marriage, there will be issues, there will be differences, there will be quarrels, there will be disagreements, there will be misunderstandings, there will be hurts, but you will overcome all these if you love yourselves.
Love is powerful.
You will cry sometimes, but then you will laugh again because there is love.
You will hurt seriously sometimes, but then you will heal quickly because you love him or her.
You will be offended sometimes, but then offence will not lead to revenge because you love each other.
You will feel like packing your things and walking out of that marriage sometimes, but then you will stay because of love.
It is a monumental error to walk down the aisle without love!
Getting married for money without love is like entering into an affliction that money cannot solve. Getting married for any other reason to get something or to make a point where there is no love will lead to regret eventually.
Getting married because you are desperate or because you think time is longer on your side to somebody you don’t really love is like sentencing yourself to a lifetime of non-excitement.
Getting married to somebody you don’t love is like having a co-tenant, you are just there!
Love is a marital glue, and a marital bond, you need to love each other and you need to be on the same page on that.
A newly wedded man who goes around sleeping with his wife’s best friend a week after wedding doesn’t really love his wife, he sees the whole thing as a game. He doesn’t care about her feelings as much as he cares about satisfying his lust.
A great combination is a man or woman who loves God unreservedly, who loves his or her spouse unrepentantly, and who is married to a person with the same quality!
One of the wrong reasons to get married is because of getting papers or citizenship! My take is this, if God wanted you to stay in a particular country, He will work it out. You wouldn’t need to “organize” things yourself even at the detriment of your conscience and your relationship with God.
God is not an author of confusion. If the only option left for you is to marry somebody you don’t love, or even somebody who is already married, maybe it is not God’s intention for you to stay in that place or maybe you were not too patient to see the Salvation of God in that area of your life.
When Adam saw his wife there was a deep connection. He expressed that love to her. That is powerful!
Never ever get married to a man who will never say, “I love you,” or who will only say, “I love you to get what he wants.”
How do you know a man who loves you? It takes time! That is why the first thing in expressing your love is not sex. That actually confuses the mind.
Time reveals the true heart of a person; his or her words will betray and expose his heart because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks!
I feel like writing on and on for there is much the Holy Spirit is bringing to my thoughts even as I write, but I will stop here lest I weary you with too many words.
I pray for you this morning, you will not fall into the hands of a wrong person. You will not waste a portion of your life with somebody who doesn’t love you.

I will love appropriately


Lord, help me to see rightly


Pro 5:21 (KJV)  For the ways of man are before the eyes of the LORD, and he pondereth all his goings.

Pray in the Spirit 

Psalms 50, 53, 60, 75

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