August Video Devotional

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Marriage Counselor Hilarious Episodes

Episode 1 - I Feel Like Grabbing Her

Episode 2 - She Does Not Enjoy Sex

Episode 3 - The Salty Wife

Episode 4 - The Farting Cheat

Episode 5 -  The Cook and The Hook

Episode 6The Grand Escape

Episode 7 -  Burnt Offering

Episode 8The Herbalist


New Books This Month!

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1. Broken - A Novel By Rev. Dunamis Okunowo
2. Singes Devotionals Classic - September Edition
3. Couples Devotionals Classic - September Edition
4. Children's Devotionals Classic - September Edition
5. The Christian Couple, Orgasm & Sex (Married Couples)
6. 20 Things Singles Should Know About Sex
7. Recovery from Hurts and Disappointments
8. Handling & Overcoming Delays
9. 26 Ways of Knowing True Love
10. Singes Devotionals Classic - August Edition
11. Couples Devotionals Classic - August Edition
12. Children's Devotionals Classic - August Editio
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