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Dear Pastor, All Your Daughters Gave Me Nails

Bro. Zeru: Good afternoon Pastor
Pastor: Hey, Brother Zerubabbel, How are you?

Bro. Zeru: I am not fine sir, I need to see you
Pastor: Okay, let’s quickly see now

Bro. Zeru: Pastor, I joined this church in high hopes to settle down
Pastor: Okay

Bro. Zeru: But all your daughters ,they ganged up against me.
Pastor: No, they wouldn’t that. 

Bro. Zeru: Ha, Pastor, you don’t know them o, they are terrorists.
Pastor: No, I disagree on that. Maybe you want to say they are well taught. 

Bro. Zeru: Pastor, are you the one sir that taught them ni? Seven ladies I proposed to in good faith, all of them gave me nails, in fact, they gave me spikes, I need the balm of Gilead right now.
Pastor: You must have been doing something wrong. Jesus already took all your nails on the cross. Any nail you receive now is as result of foolishness. 

Bro. Zeru: Ha, Pastor!
Pastor: You joined this church three months ago. You have asked seven sisters out. That is an average of two sisters every month.

Bro. Zeru: Pastor, you taught us that we should not give up, that we should keep pressing until we have victory.
Pastor: You’ve got it twisted.

Bro. Zeru: How, Pastor?
Pastor: This ladies you asked out, how did you know they were meant for you?

Bro. Zeru: God told me sir
Pastor: God told you about seven sisters in three months?

Bro. Zeru: Ehmm, it’s one by one sir, not at the same time.
Pastor: No, you should have married all of them together. 

Bro. Zeru: Ha Pastor, are you angry?
Pastor: Did you inform anybody in the leadership of the church about your proposals?

Bro. Zeru: I wanted to get consent first.
Pastor: That was one of the reasons you never got consent. You have no regard for order. 

Bro. Zeru: The first sister I proposed to wanted to slap me
Pastor: Who is that?

Bro. Zeru: Sister Faithful
Pastor: The one in the choir?

Bro. Zeru: Yes.
Pastor: How old are you?

Bro. Zeru: I am twenty seven sir
Pastor: Do you know that the lady you asked out is thirty five? And that she is married?

Bro. Zeru: No, pastor, there is no ring on her hand o. And she looks young?
Pastor: That is the kind of embarrassments you get into when you disregard church process put in place to forestall such scenarios. 

Bro. Zeru: But God spoke to me.
Pastor: Stop saying that. You spoke to yourself. Your adrenalin spoke to you. God is not an author of confusion. 

There is a difference between the voice of lust and the voice of God.
Bro. Zeru: I thought I heard God.
Pastor: How often do you read your bible?

Bro. Zeru: When I am in church sir
Pastor: And then you say God spoke to you? Without consistent reading and studying of God’s word, you can’t trust what ever voice you think you heard. 

Bro. Zeru: I knew I made a mistake with the first sister, because two weeks after, I had a dream that my wife is the sister that would wear red shoes to church the next day. A man in white appeared to me.
Pastor: (Laughing) You must have drank Garri that night you dreamt

Bro. Zeru: Pastor, it is not laughing matter
Pastor: So who wore red shoes to church?

Bro. Zeru: Sister Bunmi
Pastor: That sister is engaged to a guy in UK

Bro. Zeru: But I dreamt sir
Pastor: Dreams have three sources , God, devil and you! It depends on who you heard. 

Bro. Zeru: O my God
Pastor: You see, you were too much in a hurry. You need to settled down first. Get grounded. Forget about sisters now, and concentrate on building your life first. You don’t even know how to hear God yet

Bro. Zeru: How can I learn to hear God?
Pastor: Forget about relationships for now. Seek to know God first. God will eventually take care of that by causing things to work out together for your good.
Bro. Zeru: I will try sir
Pastor: If you keep running around telling every sister that God spoke to you, you will soon be a source of live comedy. 

Bro. Zeru: I will try sir
Pastor: How many books have you read on relationships?

Bro. Zeru: ehmmm
Pastor: None. Okay. I will assign Minister Sylvester to disciple you. 

Bro. Zeru: Ah Minister Sylvester? I prefer Minister Darasimi sir
Pastor: So that you can propose to that one too abi?

Bro. Zeru: No sir
Pastor: Now, go and study more of your Bible, okay

Bro. Zeru: Okay sir.
Pastor: We will talk later.
Notes: Take your time. Know God first. Do not be in a hurry. Inform the leadership of the church of your decisions.

I pray for you, you will not miss it in Jesus name. God will lead and guide you into His plans for you this year in Jesus name.
Your relationship is blessed!
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I am patient and wise

Lord, help me to be wise and patient


Rom 8:7 (KJV)  Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.


Study your Bible


Job 6 - 9

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