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Don't Be Afraid of Being Needy

Part of being sincere and being open and transparent in marriage is being able to express yourself without feeling ashamed.
I know this could be difficult to do. I have been there before. My husband is a full blown blooded choleric. And cholerics are very expressive and opinionated. They could be very blunt and believe why should they be diplomatic? In fact the more blunt the better. They are not apologetic at all.
In my own thinking as a phlegmatic, every thing has to be with diplomacy. You have to think of not hurting the other person even if it means you get hurt instead. You have to be apologetic and so on.
My husband is of the opinion that if he needs anything he will ask. Whether jokingly or straight forward, he will ask. He believes there is nothing he should not be able to ask his wife especially sex (*winks). He is never ashamed.
I had to learn to ask and not be ashamed that I am needy.
Recently, I saw our Caucasian dog do this and the Holy spirit ministered to me that it's so easy to ask for what you want.
Shame is a sign you are not naked and transparent with your spouse yet.
Our huge dog, whenever you are outside will come to you, make sure you notice him and then lie down very close to you expecting that you use you leg to rub him. He shows pleasure and if you remove your leg he will use his own legs to touch you. A non verbal way of saying "don't stop".
We as couples should always learn to ask politely and courteously from our spouse. Don't let the unfavorable answer of our spouses discourage us. Just ask. It is either he/she says Yes, No, or some other time.
We all are needy, in one way or another. Where I am strong my husband is weak and he is strong where I am weak. God created it so. We need one another, but we have the responsibility of making our needs known.
Don't be too egoistic and don't be ashamed of your needs. God already knows you are needy. Don't also try to be humble unnecessarily by sacrificing your needs. Talk about your needs as a woman. Talk about your needs as a man. Which includes sex, intimacy, affection, time out even the need to be pampered.
Lets be expressive even if we have to learn it.
God bless your marriage

I put God first place in my life

Lord, empower me to do thy will, at all times


Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered. (1 Peter 3:7 KJV)

Decide to sow a good seed into her today!

Psalm 106 - 107


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