Episode 5 - I Miss Iya Iyanu!

Dear Diary,
Happy New year!!!
Sorry, I skipped yesterday; things like that happens once a while, I've got no explanation or excuse.

Yeah! It's my first time celebrating the New Year outside my Papa's house, outside his church and nuclear family; at first, I was wondering how it's going to be, will it be lively? Won't it be boring?
The rendezvous, the killing of goat and chicken, the family gathering and all that...

But; on the second thought... I am married and that explains and settles it!
I have my own family now, It's time I start building my own empire as Ìyá Ìyanu did.
It's time to build the future that I'd so much desired and wanted.

It's going to be a great year, drop all that 2 pages New Year's resolution and speak to the year.
Be prepared to work your way through it. Don't be misguided by juices and false prophecies flying around.
It's the same old you, it's the same 365 days you've always known, it's the same 24 hours you're familiar with, same Monday, same week!
I love you Diary,

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