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Episode 8 - One Naira Savings A Day Is Just One Dollar In A Year!

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I told you about my decision to save this year using traditional means called piggy bank (Kóló). 

Today, I'll be dropping some ways to save without stress to achieve greater result than saving in the bank.

Firstly, get a wooden or iron piggy bank. You can buy in the market or get a carpenter or a welder to make one for you, it's pretty cheap.

Then, make up your mind that you want to save. Be firm in your decision, not something that you'll start today and break the bank next month for a friend's birthday or Valentine's day.

Okay, decide on how much you want to save per day. Pick a range of denomination and stick to it.

Fix your gaze on bigger denominations like #500 and #1,a000. It might look too big but let me tell you, if you save #1 everyday for a whole year, you would have saved $1 for the year, so what's the point?

From now, decide what you want to do with the savings at the end of the year. You can start saving for a car, a washing machine, a gas cooker, a power bike, a laptop, furniture, electronics etc. Have a foresight of what you're saving towards NOW!

See you tomorrow,

I love you

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