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Father - Daughter Talk On Wedding Palaver

Bridget: Good afternoon Pastor, Happy New year sir
Pastor: Hey, my daughter, Happy New new year! God will honour you

Bridget: Amen sir
Pastor: It’s our year of rejoicing

Bridget: Amen
Pastor: Bridget, Bridget! Where is my chicken?

Bridget: I did not kill chicken o, not even fish sef, I am not happy joor!
Pastor: Hey daughter, why? Its our year of rejoicing

Bridget: Ahh Pastor, you ask why, that means you have not been praying for me
Pastor: I pray for all of you 

Bridget: But Pastor, I have not seen the effect of the prayers o…
Pastor: You will see it this year. It’s our year of rejoicing

Bridget: I really wanted my wedding to be last year, but it didn’t happen
Pastor: Which means it will be this year. 

Bridget: I will wait till then before my own rejoicing will start
Pastor: No, that is not how to go about it 

Bridget: Pastor, how will I be rejoicing over what has not happened? How will I be pretending? The fact is that I am not happy at all. When I walk down the aisle, my own year of rejoicing will start.
Pastor: It may not come like that!

Bridget: Ah, Daddy, are you cursing me?
Pastor: How will I curse my daughter, but I have to tell you the truth

Bridget: What is the truth sir?
Pastor: Your rejoicing begins yesterday!

Bridget:The husband has not even shown up yet, Pastor
Pastor: Yes, I know. It is this rejoicing that will orchestrate your paths to cross

Bridget: So, I will now be lying
Pastor: It is not lying. It is creating expectation and hope, with which your faith will work
Bridget: So, Pastor, how do I rejoice when there is nothing to rejoice about?
Pastor: That is where you are making a mistake, daughter. There is something to rejoice about.

Bridget: Where is the thing to rejoice about sir?
Pastor: You rejoice because the rejoicing is coming

Bridget: I don’t get it.
Pastor: For example, if I import a brand new car for you and we are yet to clear it, but I give you a duplicate key now, will you rejoice?

Bridget: Yes, of course I will rejoice
Pastor: Have you seen the car?

Bridget: No
Pastor: So, why would you rejoice at what you have not seen?

Bridget: Because I have the key
Pastor: Exactly! The key is what God has given you. It’s His word, it’s the key to your wedding day.

Bridget: Wow!
Pastor:, Now when you get the car key, will you be happy?

Bridget: Yes
Pastor: How will you show your happiness?

Bridget: Ah, I will shout, jump, sing, dance, run and do everything together
Pastor: That is what you do as well. 

Bridget: I get it Pastor
Pastor: It’s our year of rejoicing 

Bridget: So, I start rejoicing before the rejoicing
Pastor:Yes, because the rejoicing is coming. That is His word for us on KHC

Bridget: Wow, I feel like dancing now
Pastor: That’s the spirit 

Bridget: I get it now
Pastor: Yes, you dance your wedding day dance first, all by yourself, before God, offering it before God, with joy and faith in your heart, and then you will dance in reality 

Bridget: Glory to God. It’s my year of rejoicing!
Pastor: Yes, because it is with joy that you draw waters out of the well of salvation. 

Bridget: I get it sir,
Pastor: This is why Paul and Silas sang in the prison, with shackles on there hands and feet…but the jailers made a mistake, the didn’t bind there voice 

Bridget: Wow…
Pastor: There is no voice cuff

Bridget: Uhmmm
Pastor: So, you never allow the devil to mute your voice!

Bridget: Glory!
Pastor: That is why Apostle Paul said, Rejoice…and again I say unto you Rejoice!

Bridget: I will rejoice
Pastor: And you will really rejoice in time

Bridget: Amen
Pastor: When things seems not to be working?

Bridget: I will rejoice
Pastor: When confronted with bills?

Bridget: I will rejoice
Pastor: When a promising guy walks away and hopes of wedding seems crashed?

Bridget: I should still rejoice?
Pastor: Yes now?

Bridget: That one is hard o, but I will rejoice!
Pastor: I never said it would be easy

Bridget: I guess it wasn’t easy for Paul and Silas
Pastor: But it was their way out!

Bridget: In whatever circumstance, I will rejoice!
Pastor: Now you get it, daughter

Bridget: Praise God! Pastor, I have to go now
Pastor: Where to?

Bridget: To rejoice!
Pastor: Yes, it’s our year of rejoicing!

Bridget: Amen! Thanks Pastor

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I will rejoice this year  

Lord, let us me your mercy this year 


Isa 54:2 (MSG)  "Clear lots of ground for your tents! Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big! Use plenty of rope, drive the tent pegs deep.


Set up an altar of rejoicing 


Gen 4 - 7

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