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Five Reasons Why I Asked Her Out! 

13th of March is always a special day.
That was when our love affair began.
Exactly twenty-two years ago was when she said yes!
So, why did I ask her out?
Here are a few reasons.
1. I had direction.

Sincerely, and I am not trying to spiritualize anything!
I had direction that she was to be my wife.
Several dreams and visions came to that effect.

By no means am I saying you must have a dream or vision.
God decides the medium through which He would speak to you.

But He will speak to you if you let Him.

Somehow, I believe strongly that God is more interested in our marriages that we are of ourselves.

2. She was and still is beautiful!

Well, she is a beauty to behold.

I loved the dreams I was having then.

It is another thing if I was having dreams of somebody I detest.

Olorun ma je ka la alakala! ? (May we not have nightmares!)

Physical attraction matters a lot.

God will not lead you to someone that you loathe permanently! 

3. We were friends

We were already friends because we attended the same fellowship.
You see, it is easier to ask a friend out.

Even if the answer is a No, the friendship remains.
Beware of strangers!

4. She was God’s own babe

She was and still is a God lover.

Who wants to marry someone that will dampen the fire of God?

She was on fire for God and I really loved that part.

One of the dreams I had about her was entering her room and meeting her studying several translations of the Bible! 

I loved that!
She has been a perfect Pastor's wife!
The day a Pastor ends up marrying a business man's wife, he is in trouble!
He will get on pulpit and say, "Shall we open our Bible to Genesis Twenty five Naira, verse thirty kobo," before he realizes what he was saying!

5. I was sure

Finally, I was sure.
I had peace. There was an un-explainable assurance!

That assurance gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing.

And looking back, I can only thank God for His direction.

She has been a help meet indeed

Her calmness balances my playfulness.

Her gentleness erases the excesses of my naughtiness.

Her phlegmatic tendencies balances my choleric blood!

Her tenderness teaches me patience.

Her smiling mien covers for my not too smiley face. 

She is indeed the bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.

As I reminiscence on the events of twenty two years ago, I can only pray for you,

That God will come through for you.
You will not miss it.
You will not shi-marry! 

God will establish your family and home! 

He will make all things beautiful for you. 

Your marriage will be glorious. 

Delay is cursed in your life. 

God’s speed is released on your destiny! 

Be blessed and be favored in Jesus name!

My relationship is blessed

I will not miss it in Jesus name


Pro 16:9 (KJV)  
A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

Pray for direction

Deuteronomy 3-4

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