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God of The Bad Boys And Bad Girls

This morning, I am not writing to the righteous. I am not writing to the good boys and good girls. Since you are already “good,” there shouldn’t be much problem. I am writing to the bad boys and bad girls.

I am writing to Sister Ngozi, though in church, but is still struggling with sexual sins. She has not been able to summon courage to talk to Pastor. She is ashamed of her actions, and yet remains bound!
I am writing to Brother George, though choir master, has slept with half of the sisters under his care. You are not just bad, you are baddest.
I am writing to Brother Sunday, though bearing same name with the day we all go to church, yet has a stack of pornographic content hidden away in one obscure folder in his phone. Nobody sees you, but God does.
I am writing to Sister Grace who is admired by all for her tongue speaking dictions, with all the vowels in place, or so it seems, and yet masturbates regularly. So hooked is she that she is ashamed to mention it to Pastor lest it leaks to her teeming admirers. She is more particular about the admiration of men than admiration of God.
I am writing to Brother Zeru, the instrumentalist, who can play keyboard and play the drums at the same time. But he is battling with lustful demons who are playing away his destiny and playing drum-set on his mind!
I am writing to Sister Agnes, who is a don at spreading strife, gossips, and scorning her pastors. It has become a way of life, and the more she feels condemned about her actions, the more she is gripped to the deadly habit.
I am writing to Brother Alex, who is very humorous and go-lucky guy, making others laugh, but is crying within because of a strange demonic love for the green bottle. As churchy as Brother Alex is, he drinks like no man’s business and still gets drunk! He is struggling with mages of himself lying down drunk in gutters perpetually flashing before him. And yet he doesn’t know how to get free.
I am writing to dear fine boy pastor, who everybody sees as anointed and appointed but is actually disappointed in himself because of sexual atrocities with members. He is a fisher of men, entrusted with lives, but is now frying the fish with Garri! He seems at his wit’s end, and yet he seems locked up in the sexual rendezvous! He would never open up to any body for fear of reprimands. He has refused to judge himself.
I am writing to the Pastor’s wife who will not let her husband fulfill her ministry. Ready to fight at the drop of the hat, always moody and depressed, always pulling one mess after the other till the anointing becomes annoyance.
I am writing to the sister who goes to church but still parties endlessly, frolicking and dancing where angels fear to tread, believing that somehow iniquity can be married to service in God’s house. I fear for the offspring of such union!
I am writing to the brother who is a chimney, smoking away his destiny, hooked to marijuana, and yet couldn’t discuss with anybody.
I am writing to the liars, the schemers, the deceivers, the sweet mouthed Casanovas, the pretender, the one that can feign till eternity, the addicted to sex, the addicted to romantic movies, the attention seekers on social media, who Facebook more than Zuckerberg, the one with dark secrets, the one with who is intertwined in bed with an aristo, the one who does oral like life depends on it, the dildo carrying sister, the brother whose phone is always hot for the weight of pornographic content, the sister in treasury who steals offering, whose heart is hard as Pharaoh’s, and the list goes on.
I want you to know just five things.
1. God still loves you. 

You are not condemned, but He will not condone your sins. So, He is calling you into His love, and that love is liberating. Part of the problem you have is that you have refused to embrace His love in totality. That love is strong enough to set you free if you embrace it. As long as you hold on to your habits and sins, you will never be free. Embrace His love, embrace His finished work on the cross.
His grace is not keep you sinning, it is to keep you from sinning! His grace is not to cover for your continual unrepentant habits, it is to deal a final blow on the devil and thus the scripture is fulfilled in your life that says “Sin shall not have dominion over you!
2. Ask Him to forgive you.
I know you have probably asked for forgiveness a hundred times and yet you still go back. Well, you never made up your mind. The sermon made you sober, but as soon as you step out of the church, the word is stolen and never takes root. This is a new year, you cannot continue like that.
Cry unto God like David cried unto God in Psalm 51. David never knew that in his heart of praise and love for God, was lurking away the capacity for murder and adultery. He committed those sins and didn’t even feel guilty. Is that not how you feel sometimes? You see, the heart can be desperately wicked.
So, in Psalm 51, he cried to God, create a new spirit within me! You have to do that. Tell God to take away the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh upon which His word can be written!
I will stop here this morning and conclude tomorrow as we learn the way out. Don’t miss this series as they will liberate you in Jesus name!
I pray for you, 2018 will be different for you!
Sin will not have dominion over you this year in Jesus name! God will stretch out His everlasting arm of mercy and kindness and save you from what is trying to destroy you!
This year, I prophesy unto you, you will not slow yourself down!
This year, you will not be confounded!
This year, God will pull you out of the pit, out of that miry clay and set your feet on top in Jesus name!
Believe it, God still loves you and He demands a turn around!
May God bless and honor you in Jesus name! You may freely call me for further counsel. If I don't pick your calls, try again and again +234 802 350 7395
We will conclude tomorrow.
Have a beautiful day and don’t forget to use the share button above! Let your friends get blessed as well.
Be blessed!

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Sin shall not have dominion over me!

Lord, give me a new heart


Psa 51:10 (KJV)  Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.


Go before God and cry for His help


Job 1 - 5

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