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How To Develop And Sustain Passion For your Lover

There is something so wonderful about passion. It gives you energy to go the extra mile. I believe when people are in love their passion is on fire. I can testify to that.
Everyone is looking for someone who will be passionate about them. Whose mind is consumed with thoughts of them. Even God wants to be passionately loved.
Nobody wants a casual lover. If a guy claims to love you and he is lackadaisical about his love for you, find your way out.
Cold, unexcited, unenthusiastic, unexpressed love is no love at all.
As singles, we need to know how to sustain passion. However we need to control our passion so it doesn't lead us to sexual trap.
I believe you can build healthy passion as you prepare for relationship by loving God passionately.
Let me explain, when you give yourself to loving God (who loves you unconditionally) passionately, you are training yourself and building your capacity to passionately love your spouse.
This happens because God will increase your passion, give you a tenacious, zealous heart to seek Him and this will also be transferred to your partner.
Now, it makes a lot of sense to seek God first and His righteousness and all these other things including being a passionate lover will be added to you.
This was exactly what happened to my husband. Before we started courtship he was so passionate about God. When we got into a relationship, he was able to love me passionately also.
So whenever you prevent your fiancee or fiance from serving God passionately, always remember you are depriving yourself from being loved passionately.
Encourage your lover to seek and passionately follow after God and you will later enjoy the benefit. It is like lending your lover to God. He will give him/her back to you better. It is always highly profitable business with God.
Never contend or struggle with God over your loved one.
Let God have him/her first and you will get him/her back, good measure, pressed down, shaking together and running over.
Luk 17:33 (KJV)  
Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.
It sure makes a lot of Bible sense.

Try it, you will thank me later, *winks*.
God bless your

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Lord, I love you passionately.

Father, please set my heart on fire to love you passionately.


Psa 42:1 (KJV)   As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.


Be passionate about the things of God.


Job 32 - 34

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