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How To Go About New Year Resolutions

Since this is the first week of the new year and the time where most people, organisations, families and couples set goals. It is good to help ourselves in making these decisions.
New year resolutions are good but from experience, I know they are not always easy to keep. No matter how small, insignificant or minute the goal is, it takes a lot of resilience, guts and determination to accomplish our goals. Personally, I had set various goals at different years, only to forget about them after a few months.
For most people, they fail to achieve these goals because they are trying to do so by their own strength. Yes, God will not necessarily do our thinking for us, but He sure wants us to admit our inadequacies. The truth is, in ourselves we are weak, inconsistent and unstable.
For others who have a high dose of choleric in their blood, they achieve their goals but with a lot of hard work and stress. Some will even achieve their goals at the expense of the families, health and other vital relationships.
God does not want that from us. He wants us to enjoy to the fullest our everyday life while achieving our goals or new year resolutions. If we must do this, there are five things we need to put in place. These will help us in achieving our goals, rejoice at its fulfillment and enjoying the process all the way.
You can apply these five principles to whatever it is you want to achieve from setting your own family altar, reading your bible daily, learning to rejoicing all time, loss weight that robs you of feeling good with yourself, further your studies, earn more, love your family better, just name it.
Here are the five steps.
1. Acknowledge the need for the goal you want to achieve
Usually, our goals are always things to make us better and more productive. Example, if you have been over weight or you get angry too quickly, you may need to acknowledge it as a sin and not give excuses that someone else is responsible to making you eat or get angry.
2. Repentance is needed
Once you know it is something you have to do that God requires and will glorify His name, repent.
It is the point of repentance that makes us meek and humble before God. This opens the door to receive Grace and more Grace from God.
3. Admit you need God's help
You need to acknowledge that you can't achieve your goals by yourself alone. If you don't, you will soon discover a few months into the year that you really can't. Don't learn by frustration. Simply admit.
4. Ask for His help
One of the most beautiful privileges God has given us is the ability to ask God. God has promised His help when we ask Him. We don't know what we are missing when we refuse to ask for His help or ask hurriedly without waiting for his help. God helps in very different ways. Usually, it may not even be how we expect him to help us. Whichever way, just receive His help because it is the best.
After you have done all these, I trust your goals no matter what becomes achievable. Why? Gods grace has been added. God through the Holy Spirit helps our determination.
5. Rejoice
Now, is a good time to rejoice. You know rejoicing in the real sense is for those who know how to humble themselves before God and ask for His help. You rejoice because of grace.
Think of it, when you are paid your salary, you are happy for a while because you earned it, you worked for it. But when some one gives you a large sum of money, you rejoice because its an act of grace. You were given, you didn't work for it.
So, for you to really REJOICE in this our year of rejoicing, you need to be a person of meekness. Be humble and ask to receive grace.
God bless your family.
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I receive grace to achieve my goals this year.

Lord, help me to be humble in all areas of my life to ask for your help.


He gives more Grace to the humble


Follow the five steps to achieve your goals this year.


Job 1 - 5

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