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How To Handle A Difficult Spouse 

Your love for each other was out of this world. You couldn’t think of any other thing except thinking of your lover day in day out. His or her thoughts filled your `Medulla Oblongata! The ecstasy you feel and the rapturous feelings that enveloped you at the mere thought of your lover is second to none. You felt there is nothing as important as being together. You thanked God every second for making you to meet such an angelic being. He or she is just simply the one created for you.
And then you got married!
The love feelings, the romantic thoughts, the rapturous ecstasy, the rushing adrenalin, the moonlight moments, all fizzled away gradually.
Oh, yes, you still love yourselves, but all the “giz-giz” feelings are evaporated.
What happened?
You started living together. Pressures of work and life mounted. Bills showed up. You are confronted with reality of the weaknesses of each other. Before marriage, you told him or her that he could never offend you. Now you are so irritated.
Right now , you believe your lover is just difficult! Don’t listen to you, not ready to change, as stubborn as anything, and you are no longer enjoying the show.
What do you do at such times?

1. Pray for him or her

This is the greatest thing you can do for a difficult spouse. Pray. You see, because you are one, while praying for him or her, you will be praying for yourselves as well.
This is important because actually, you could be the one that is difficult! Prayer for your spouse covers you so that whoever is actually difficult gets “arrested” by God
2. Believe the best

Stop thinking that your spouse is an enemy! Those are thoughts from the devil that will bring negative vibes into your family.
Don’t be careless in your thoughts as to entertain such thoughts against the one you are joined to! Believe the best of your spouse. Stop reading negative meaning to every move and body language. Give some benefit of doubt.
3. Stop Assuming

Assumptions are the lowest form of knowledge. Don’t stay in your own world and selfishly think your spouse is not caring for you while you totally forget that your spouse need to be cared for as well!

While you are in your world thinking you are not being cared for, your spouse might be "dying" such that if you know what he or she is going through, you will forget about your own needs momentarily.
Learn to talk and communicate. You know the devil is on your case when you have so many questions in your heart and yet you cannot communicate with your spouse. The devil is trying to gag you and choke you. Be careful. Talk with your spouse!
4. Go the extra mile 

At this time, you need to go the extra mile for your spouse. Show some love and get out of that marital hibernation. You are married!

Don’t get hurt over everything and anything. The times you should spend praying, rejoicing and meditation in God’s word are spent in bitterness and hurts. Is that not the devil?

Remember, that on KHC, it is our year of rejoicing. So, the greatest weapon the devil will throw at you is depression and sadness. Refuse the buy the devil’s goods!

5. Make it easy for him or her 

When your spouse is obviously trying to make amends and get back to you, that is not the time to get into the ring for another wrestling bout!
Cooperate by responding to conversations, sustain communication by putting up a cheerful face. Nothing is as irritating as mono-syllable answers that sends the line “Leave me alone!”
Hope you are blessed?

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May God bless our marriages and homes.

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The Lord is my light in every darkness

Pray that God should shower His love on you


Pro 17:22 (KJV)  A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.


Forgive all you are holding in offence 


Job 29 - 31

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