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How To Raise A Family Altar And Its Benefits Part 2

I started this beautiful topic yesterday and will continue to let us know the benefits of having or raising family altar.
I strongly believe raising an altar will alter your family in amazing ways.
A lot of families believe having a family altar or praying together is good but sometimes we allow our busy schedules, house chores, gadgets, and every other thing to distract us from this. Remember the story of Mary and Martha.
Note that it is also good to have a personal altar apart from the family altar where you can express yourself before God.
Traditional worshippers and other religions understand this principle a lot. You find them having altars for each child where prayers, incantations and worship are done for protection and blessings. They believe it’s a place to meet the deity at particular times with specific offerings.
Here are some benefits that will encourage you to raise your own family altar today.
1. A time for the family to pray together. Remember, a family that prays together stays together.
2. It draws family to closer where burdens are shared and communication is encouraged.
3. It’s a place where your life is empowered.
4. It gives you speed in life.
5. Your altar is the taproot of your spiritual life. The deeper your taproot, the taller your spiritual life grows.
6. The more consistent and resilient you get with your family altar, the more you boom and flourish and become more relevant to your world. Psalm 92 talks about the flourishing of the palm tree.
7. God’s word will be exalted in your family.
8. You will create and change the atmosphere of your home. It will be a place of angelic habitation, the Holy Spirit welcomed.
9. Quarrels, strife, domestic violence, domestic accidents, arm robbery attacks, unruly behavior of kids and other vices are prevented because God dwells in your homes.
10. The children are trained and taught the word and ways of God.
11. It becomes a beautiful family tradition that even your children carry on with their children. A generational thing.
12. God becomes pleased with your family, He makes your life void of struggles. He gives you peace and blesses you.
13. God will open a portal of heaven in a place dedicated to Him.
14. It gives opportunity for real agreement in prayer.
15. Your family becomes more godly and lives in the reverential fear of God.
Note that your consistency and sacrifice is what makes the altar powerful. Be determined to be consistent. Oil your altar with your seed. Present your seed on the altar before giving it and experience amazing prosperity.
God bless your home.
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Eph 4:27 (KJV)  Neither give place to the devil.


Set up an altar today 


Gen 8 - 11

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