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How To Raise A Family Altar For 2018

The year is still young and fresh and whatever we do to honour God in this season is very vital. The family is always on attack because the devil hates families especially their unity and well being.
We also have to be proactive and not wait till the devil comes for us.
Raising a family altar is the best decision that you will ever take in 2018. God is a God of principles. He honors covenant. Any where God sees a covenant in practice, you get his attention. God never ignores covenant.
Raising a family altar is a covenant practice God is bound to honour. There are several people in the Old Testament who raised an altar before God.
On KHC family, it will be so wonderful if we together in our own various homes and raised altars before God and call upon Him. Let him answer by fire and show Himself strong on the behalf of our family. Let Him be our shield and defence throughout this year
Today, I’d share with you 10 tips about raising a family altar
1.) Get a place or location in your house (your room or sitting room )
2.) Dedicate and consecrate yourself and family before God
3.) Preferable, the dad should lead this, but the mother can with the kids if the dad is unavailable
4.) Anoint the place with some drops of anointing oil.
5.) Praise Him for who He is, how mighty and faithful He is and that he Honour His Covenant
6.) Write out your family request
7.) Present them before God. Read them out to Him
8.) Pray over those request
9.) Attach a sacrificial seed or your first fruit to it
10.) Name your altar. You can name it, “Your Altar of Rejoicing.
11.) Rejoice before God by faith for answer to your request
12.) Keep those request and tick the as God answers them.
13.) Continue to service that altar by praying and praising God on the altar on a daily basis
14.) Make it a family covenant
As you do this, I am persuaded God will honour, remember and preserve your family in Jesus name.
Your marriage is blessed!
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I will rejoice this year  

Lord, let us see your mercy this year 


Isa 54:2 (MSG)  "Clear lots of ground for your tents! Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big! Use plenty of rope, drive the tent pegs deep.


Set up an altar of rejoicing 


Gen 4 - 7

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