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KHC Devotional

Husband and Wife, Invest Time In Your Marriage 

Dear couples, one of the greatest investments that can go into your marriage is not some money or some gadgets or some properties, the greatest investment is spelt T-I-M-E!
Particularly, husbands need to understand this!

Women love it when you spend time with them.
It is only a strange woman who doesn’t care about time and all she wants is money.
It is only a strange woman that can agree to be married into a big house, to be seen by the rich-bag once in a month. This is a definition of affliction that is self inflicted.
A lot of men often make the mistake of spending so much time trying to make money and in the process lose their homes. 

Parents who spend time with family, with children usually raise children who turn out more confident and assured of God. 

Most of the dysfunctional scenarios are as result of absentee fathers and mothers
Now, if you work, in ministry or business that take you away often, you must find a way to compensate and fill up.
Find time to deposit into her emotional bank so that when you are gone, she can make withdrawals from there.
This is very important.
One can be so anointed to the point of losing his home.
But I am sure that this is not God’s plan for us in our marriages.
May God grant us wisdom.
I pray for all those going through one storm or the other, God will make way for you in Jesus name!
That area where you need wisdom and strength, God will show up for you in Jesus name!

God bless your marriage!

I have God’s wisdom
Lord, teach me by your Holy Spirit
Pro 14:1 (KJV)  
Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.
Pray together today
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Our Vision (Singles)
To raise a generation of people devoid of sexual perversion who will say NO to Sex outside marriage, who will be committed to sexual sanctity, whose ultimate goal is their relationship with God, who will put the Word of God first place and who will walk in the spirit daily.

Vision (Married Couples)
To emphasize marital commitments, marital sanctity, a good family life and raising godly children as instituted by God, and to restore godly passion in marriages thereby bringing about a radical reduction of divorce

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