Episode 7 - I Want To Start Saving

Dear Diary,
Like play like play, festivities don finish be that o...the big holidays are beginning to go down, Christmas and New year celebrations are over and we're back to reality, some have resumed work already...parents now thinking of how to pay their kids' school fees, some University students would be resuming a new session and some people would be resuming a new job!
Wherever you find yourself, be hard working, work your way through the year and God will see you through your good decisions.
As a young wife that I am, I've decided to start saving and not just opening a savings account but owning a piggy bank (Kóló)!
You know that thing our parents do keep money in before the inception of banks and break at the end of the year to buy us Christmas clothes and chicken...ehn ehn, that's it!
I'll be giving tips on how to save well in this year without visiting the bank in few days to come.
Can we do this again tomorrow?
I love you.

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