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40 Days Fasting and Prayers

40 Days Fasting and prayers began on 3rd April 2018. Watch out for the prayer points HERE. God said He wants to do NEW THINGS! Be a part of it. You can also follow @pastordunamis on Instagram for updates. You can also join us on Facebook & Instagram Livestream Every Friday for Midnight prayers by 12.00am GMT +1

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Increase Your Praise To God And To Your Spouse

Yes, increase your Praise. I believe as married couples we need to increase our praise both to God and to our spouse. It is our year of Rejoicing and one of the elements of Rejoicing is praise.
Just as some people find it difficult to praise GOD, most people find it difficult to praise and appreciate their spouse. It is almost sacrilegious not to praise God because God has done so much for us. He not only deserves it, it’s our duty and responsibility to praise Him because He is God and we owe Him our very life and existence.
We praise God because we choose to acknowledge Him and His kind works in our lives. We take time out to praise Him, no matter what. The instructions and benefits of praising God fills the scriptures. As we go ahead to obey and praise our maker we see more of His goodness.
Those that don’t praise God with different kinds of excuses will continue to have more reasons not to praise God and that cycle goes on and on.
This year, make up your mind to praise God like never before as your culture. Let nothing steal your praise. Be determined to wake up with a song of praise. Whether your spouse is kind or not, praise God.
In fact, as you praise God, He raises you. He turns your situation around for good. Your marriage works, your finances improves and all things work together for your good.
The same way it is important to praise God, we need to know praising our spouse is very important. Not like competing with God or idolizing our spouse but honoring them enough to praise them.
This year be determined like never before to praise your spouse and shower them with accolades. If you are still in the realm of focusing on their weaknesses and short comings, you are not yet ready. Increase your praise both to God and your spouse and let’s chase the devil out of our homes.
God bless your home.

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My family is favoured

I pray, this week, success is mine  


Psa 67:5 (KJV)  Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee.


Praise God today


Job 17 - 18

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