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Let Your Spouse Know You Are Loyal

There is nothing as good as knowing that your spouse is with you. Let your spouse know that you are committed to him or her through the good and the bad times.
As married couples you are one, you are in whatever arises in your marriage together. You have to show as much commitment to the success of the marriage as possible. This is for the two of you. You must both try to out-do one another in kindness and generosity.
You must be sacrificial in standing against anything that wants to tamper with the covenant of your marriage. Your antennae must be up and you both have to be red alert to anything that troubles your marriage.
There is a queen in the bible that demonstrate this quality so much. She's called queen Jezebel. She was determined to get the vineyard for King Ahab because she was committed to him. She saw his desire as her own and what pained him as also her pain.
She was a bad woman but a good wife.
In 1kgs 21:7
"Jezebel his wife said to him, Do you not govern Israel? Arise, eat food and let your heart be happy. I will give you the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite".
We see her remind him of being the king. She told him to eat and be happy. She also told him he will find a solution. She didn't even bother him about the process, she just told him to consider it as done.
What a woman of strength. Some of us need to take a cue from this woman. Some other spouse are so less concerned that they will not even notice that he didn't eat not to talk of asking what the matter was.
Your commitment is first to your spouse before anyone else. May we have no desire but to see our spouse happy and become all that God want them to be. That way, there is no room for adultery, there is absolute commitment.
This is 100% commitment and loyalty. May God make us to be committed to each other. Such that what pains the other persons pains us.
Be concerned enough to assist one another. Remember, where you are strong is where your spouse is weak and vice versa.
May God bless your marriage.

I am committed to my spouse.


Lord, help me to be loyal to my spouse


1Ti 3:2 (MSG)  But there are preconditions: A leader must be well-thought-of, committed to his wife, cool and collected, accessible, and hospitable. He must know what he's talking about,

Show more commitment to your spouse

2 Samuel 11-12; 1 Chronicles 20

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