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Mother - Son Talk On Relationship and Marriage

Bode: Good afternoon ma.
Pastors wife: Hello Bode, how are you doing?
Bode: I am okay ma, but I have some questions bothering me.
Pastor's wife: Oh, so let me hear them. This your beard gang, it is well.
Bode: Is anything wrong with it ma?
Pastor's wife: No o, I didn't say that. Just make sure it is kept well groomed.Don't you Pastor's own?
Bode: Hmmm, ma I know you will mention pastor. You and Pastor sha?
Pastor's wife: Ahh thats my sweetheart o. The best thing that has ever happened to me.
Bode: That's part of my question. I am not sure all these girls of nowadays can ever be as loving, dedicated and submissive like you. I really desire your kind of marriage.
Pastor's wife: 'smiles'
BODE: Sometimes, I just feel, is it really possible to have this flawless marriage.
I hope my wife will not provoke me one day to slap her.
Pastor's wife: Haaa... Bode, this is serious o.
Bode: Ma, I am just being sincere and open.
Pastor's wife: Well, I appreciate that.
Bode: Thank you ma. It's good to be sincere ma.
Pastors wife: Yes, I totally agree with you. Sincerity is a good virtue
Bode: Really ma, Is it possible to get a beautiful lady in this century who is a good wife in the real sense of the word. It looks like the good wives are no longer in this generation.
Pastors wife: 'Laughs'. Bodeee. Abaa, No now. At least my daughters here are groomed to be good wives.
Bode: Give me one of them o. In fact your best ma.
Pastor's wife: Bode, you want the best lady right? Beauty and brains abi? But are you the best guy? Do you possess qualities that will make your wife shed tears of appreciation to God? Do you know how to love? Are you tolerant? Do your friends, siblings and people around you complain you are not very nice, caring or compassionate? Are you just concerned about you and your affairs? Do you ever apologise or know how to lovingly carry others along?
Bode: Ma...Haa, but I am the man. My wife should submit and be humble. I don't need to be too good. Her submission is accepting me now.
Pastor's wife: You are not being fair. You as well as her should work hard at becoming a better person to live with. Every one with the exception of no one, even if you are a bishop. We all have our bad characters that will affect our marriage and make our spouse unhappy.
Bode: Hmmm... But ma, what of you and pastor?
Pastors wife: Hmmm.. we are humans too. We had to do our own growing and adjustments. We all have our weaknesses based on our backgrounds, temperaments that are usually opposite of our spouses. You have to work on yourself first without pointing accusing fingers at your spouse.
Bode: Ma, but women of the olden days had huge respect and regards for their husbands. They don't question their authority.
Pastors wife: Go and live in the olden days now. Then I will get you an illiterate from my village. She will kneel down for you but don't expect more than that from her.
Bode: Ahh... no o I want a tush wife. A slaying mama like you. That my friends will look at and rejoice with me.
Pastors wife: You see, you can't eat your cake and have it. Bottom line, marriage is for spiritual and godly people. Just be ready to work on yourself, simple. Once you are having issues in your marriage, be humble enough to admit before God that you are guilty. There is something you are doing causing the marriage to be the way it is.
Bode: Hmmm... serious words, Priceless I have to keep this in my heart.
Pastors wife: You better do. These are words of wisdom from 18 years of marriage
Boed: Thank you ma, so grateful. Wow, thank God for mentoring.
Pastors wife: You are welcomed son. God bless you.

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