Online Marriage Counseling Classes

Kisses and Huggs Club has been privileged to provide counsels for singles and married across the world in the last few years.

KHC is now bringing these lessons and classes that has bought succor to many and saved many relationships and marriages to you, wherever you are, on the go!

Friendship and Courtship School is for those who are yet to begin a relationship and need to learn all about friendship, dating and sex.

Let the lessons and classes be a rallying point for your friendship before making a commitment for courtship!

Marriage Counseling School is for those who are getting ready to marry, those who are in courtship presently or newly wedded who had not undergone extensive marriage counseling and are having issues.

Let these lessons prepare you for marriage!

KHC Academy is opening its courses and lectures to all at a token.

The Friendship/Courtship School costs N15,000 while Marriage Counseling School costs N25,000 for the intending couple.

Beware of a prospective lover who refuses to learn or improve himself!

Before you say "I do," go through the lessons!

You can pay online or by making a deposit at:

Deposit/Transfer at 
a. Guarantee Trust Bank,
Kisses and Huggs Club, 0150088032
b. Diamond Bank, Kisses and Huggs Club, 0080369418

Or with Credit Card/Paypal by clicking here:

The Friendship/Courtship School
Pay Now  (Within Nigeria)
Pay Now (Outside Nigeria)

Marriage Counseling Schoo
Pay Now  (Within Nigeria)
Pay Now (Outside Nigeria)

Once payment has been made, kindly fill this form HERE

After filling the form, we will confirm your payment and you will be granted access to the school. 

Before you propose, before you say Yes, while you are preparing for wedding, just after wedding, the schools are all for you!

Once again, welcome to Kisses and Huggs Academy!

Every student enrolled into the classes can interface directly with Pastors Dunamis & Sophia. They have been married for 19 years and have been counseling couples for over 15 years. They will personally respond to all assignments and answer all questions from students.

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