Episode 4 - Pepper Them Gang With Wedding Gown!

Diary of A Young Wife

Dear Diary,

How's been your day? Mine's been cool, went pepper shopping and nuts shopping. Cool right? Yeahn!

Yeah, I was gisting you about some stunts I pulled before my wedding; I'll be telling you about some other funny but helpful things I did today, enjoy..

I've heard people spent fortune on their wedding gown and I couldn't but wonder what's wrong with them. A dress that might be useless after the day! A dress that many won’t wear again till death!

Don't get me wrong o, if you want to sew a 100 billion dollar Wedding gown to pepper Dem your enemies, no wàhálà o...But, it's not  worth it.

So, I started thinking. I have to wear a white flowing gown right? And I don't want to break my neck, I have so many important things to spend money on mhen.

So, I browsed for styles...made some enquiries about the materials and that settles it.

I went to Aleshinloye Market in Ìbàdàn; bought the materials for the wedding gown and Launching dress, even bought for my bridal train. I gave them to a good and reliable fashion designer...and that settled it!

Everything that went down with my wedding dress was N9,800! Less than $30! Shikena!

You can contact me when next you're preparing for your wedding. I'll give you advice and how not to spend much on the dress.

The good part is; I'll reduce the length of the gown, add a royal blue rose and start wearing it to Dinner and church services...ko si time!

Thanks for being there Diary,

I love you.




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