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Something Crazy Happened When You Said I Do

The day you walk down that aisle, something happened. 

It's almost crazy! Your body is no longer your own, it belongs to your spouse. 

A fusion takes place in the realm of the spirit, that is so strong that God proclaimed, “let no man put asunder!”

God becomes the witness of this union, and any attempt to drive a wedge in-between this union is coming against God Himself. 

As couples who are believers, and well grounded, the weapon of the devil against you is strategic.
If you are a weak believer with no firm resolve, he can easily bring adultery and infidelity to the table and you will be swept off your feet if you are far from God.

But with those who may be grounded, his weapon is to keep you divided, torment you in your thoughts, and keep you perpetually in strife. 

You are not in adultery, but in your mind, you are probably worse off.

 This will affect the whole family, because your thoughts are magnetic and will determine a lot of things around you.

How will you pray and agree together when the mind of one of the spouse is riddled with doubt, contempt and dislike for the other? 

This is the devil.

And you get to know this in little things. 

Your spouse is easily excited talking to others, but irritated when you are alone. 

The friend you saw in your spouse as courting sweethearts has evaporated into thin air!

Before you start blaming him or her, you should take responsibility first for where you find yourself, humble yourself and ask God to help you.

It is another problem entirely when you keep blaming your spouse for your own actions, neglect and carelessness. That can be unfair and you will never change that way.
It is like a General Manager who keeps blaming is employees for losses and the employees who keep blaming the Manager for their ineffectiveness. That organisation is in a quandary!
Stop the blame game! It is a trap of the devil.
See, there is no point wasting your time, there is much to do!

 Why would you fast forty days and then use four days of strife to rubbish everything?
Why would you sow seeds for years and then pull it out with careless, selfish thoughts and words?
Common, get on the same page and combine your weapons against the enemy of your soul.
From the day you got married, you can no longer do it alone!
So, get over trivial issues, be it husband or wife and be on the same page so that you can both enjoy the fullness of God’s blessings in your life.
May God bless your marriage and home.

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I will cooperate with my spouse

Devil, take your hands off my marriage in Jesus name


Rom 14:16 (KJV)  Let not then your good be evil spoken of


Write down what you love about your spouse and thank God for those things.


Job 24 - 28

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