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Taking Care Of The Wife You Love

Every husband must have loved the wife they married, if not they won't be in marriage. That you are married shows that you loved each other. Whether the love grew or diminished is now another thing.
If the love has diminished, our aim is to help you find it back. But part of the ways to find back this love is to try and care of your wife. Care is spelt being kind and gentle with her.
Care also means being deliberate in looking out for the one you love. Being concern for or about her well being spirit, soul and body.
It is about the little things we do to the wife we love that goes a long way to show how much we care.
Although, in this part of the world, guys don't open the door of the car for ladies or their wives to enter. Except of course the car is new or the door is faulty.
There are several other little ways you can show that you care and love your wife, in words and in actions. Example is telling your wife she is beautiful. This is very simple but it goes a long way in affecting her esteem.
Some wives feel worthless and not able to maximize their potentials because all they hear from their man are negative words. You can replace that with positive words of affirmation.
Words are very important to women. Remember, when she was created the first encounter was with words. She was spoken to by the man in her life. She was told how wonderful she was and how good it is to have her around.
So, it applies that the source of a thing is the sustenance thereof. God showed us that example. For a woman to function optimally, words, positive encouraging words have to be spoken to her.
Other ways to care for the woman you love is by showing concern over all her affairs. Show that you care. Show that you are interested. Example, some husbands never care whether their wives have eaten. It's simple, but my husband asks me if I have eaten from time to time, especially when I am at work.
Ask your wife how she is feeling. Especially, if she the quiet type. You will be surprise the weight of emotions she's carrying. Ask her if anything is bothering her. Let her know she has someone to count on.
Don't let that role be taken over by some one else. Be the man and the keeper of her soul. Ask about her welfare spiritually. Does she have certain fears? Ask about her future plan and aspirations.
Tell her to go do some checkup medically. Be there for her. Show her care and concern.
God bless your marriage.

I love my wife
Lord, help me to love more

"Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled;" (Hebrews 12:15, KJV)

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