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To Find The Right Person, Become the Right Person

One of the ways to find the right person in marriage is by becoming the right person! Whoever you will be tomorrow is the person you are becoming now!

The person to look for is the one that has the fear of God. The person to become is also the person that has the fear of God.
One of the most beautiful things that can ever happen on planet earth today is for two people who have the fear of God to come together in marriage!
Now, it is not as if there won’t be issues, but you see, those issues will be surmounted by the genes of God they have!
In becoming a person that fears God, the first thing is to understand the fear of God.
My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee; So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding; Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding; If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures; THEN SHALT THOU UNDERSTAND THE FEAR OF THE LORD, and find the knowledge of God (Proverbs 2:1-5 KJV)
So, we see it clearly there. It is so explicit. To understand the fear of God, you must put the word of God first place in your life. The word of God regulates everything about your life. You are constantly seeking that knowledge of the word. You pray for understanding. You are a God-seeker.
When you do that, you will understand who God is. And when you understand who God is, His fear will be in your heart and you won’t want to offend Him.
Can I be sincere with you? The only reason I have not cheated on my wife is not because I am in ministry. It is not because I am a pastor. It is not because I am super holy. It is because I have the fear of God!
I can't fathom it, that I will offend my maker by doing what He said not to do? I just will not! Oh, I have been tempted many times. Ladies have made direct advances at me. And I mean, very beautiful ladies. But when I see such, sincerely, I don’t see beautiful ladies, I see agents of hell, I see destiny destroyers, I see strange women that the Bible warns against!
There is part of a lady that every man see that weakens him, no matter how much tongues he has spoken. It could be the front or the back (you know what I mean). When you see a lady that has such, you don’t camp around there saying you are lucky, you run for your life! You don’t act spiritual!
I don’t counsel ladies alone! Not because I don’t trust myself, but you see the mere thought of losing all you have built for years in a moment of time because of some carelessness.
My work is peculiar. Ladies often break down in tears and needed to be consoled in counseling. And you want me to do that alone?
Nay! And you see, most times you are counseling ladies who are sexually active, who have been abused, who have low self esteem, and who don’t know how to say No! Some even believe when they sleep with a Pastor, God will have mercy on them! And you now sit down with such a person alone?
This is how a lot of fellowship heads, presidents, and executives of campus fellowships roast themselves inside groundnut oil o!
If you are in this kind of quagmire, seek help, don’t keep quiet, God will embrace you if you repent!
It is a rule of life: you don’t empower your enemy against yourself!
Why would you say you are counseling a single lady at 10.00pm in her house when your wife is at home? You’ve just shot yourself in the leg! There are counsels where you end up cancelling people and yourself alongside!
This is why a lot of Pastors have fallen and are not able to fulfill God’s assignment for their lives! When you live under the influence of the spirits of deception and religion, this is what happens. You are acting spiritual; speaking in tongues while you are locked up in the embrace with the one you are not married.
They wanted to employ you as lesson teacher during NYSC so that you can teach the landlord’s daughter in the evenings. You stay alone. The lesson takes place in your room. The landlord’s daughter is fifteen and sexually active. You have a weakness for anything light! She is light in complexion and she likes you. You don’t take such jobs! You tell them, you don’t even know the subject very well. Save yourself! You see, you already can see a set up there. A gang up of hell against your destiny! To finish you, and to make sure you are rendered useless here on earth in terms of spiritual authority.
He wanted to offer you a job in his company. He is married. You are single. You are beautiful and you know. From the very first day, he wanted to take you out. He asks that you come to a guest house. He tells you that He will take care of you very well. He gives you money and you take it. You think you re favoured? You see, the scripture says in a very blunt way that favour can be deceitful! What do you do? Run away!
Why would God give you a job that will ruin you spiritually? You think God will give you a job that you need to sustain by warming the bed of your boss? God is not an author of confusion. You don’t have a job yet in such scenarios. Your body is not an insurance policy to insure jobs!
You are created with dignity and that dignity should be preserved because you have the fear of God.
I love what I heard Bishop Oyedepo said in one of his tapes many years ago. He said he placed a curse on himself, that if he ever compromise, may leprosy overtake him. So when he sees a beautiful lady winking at him, he says, “see beautiful leprosy!”
Who wants to die? You see, you must cross that bridge where you tell yourself, No more, Not me! No more compromise! No more sleeping around! No more desecrating God’s covenant! No more jumping around in beds. No more, not me!
It was a bridge Joseph crossed and fulfilled destiny. It was a bridge Samson refused to cross, acting spiritual and he was cut off in the midst of his days!
My prayer for you this day, dear KHCites, is that you will fulfill destiny! May you truly understand the fear of the Lord! Good Morning!

No More, Not Me! I decide for God!

I destroy everything that seeks to destroy me in Jesus name


For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace. (Romans 6:14 KJV)

Disconnect from all partners in sin

1 Samuel 13-14

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