Episode 13 - Was It All Mushy-Mushy And Romantic?

Dear Diary,

I've been away for few days... someone needed some rest ni jare. I'm sure you're good and bouncing.
Before my break, I told you about our communication life and how it helped my courtship and how I encouraged everyone to do so.
By now, you'd be asking if the relationship was all mushy mushy and romantic with no ish ba? Hmmmmmm!
I can boldly say that I had a very cool courtship through the help of God. We didn't fight all through? No, is that even possible? We did have our down moments, our tug-of-war moments, but we were able to sort them in no time.
What helped us those times were:
√ We wouldn't go to sleep without resolving any issue we had during the day.
√ We assured ourselves of the love we had for one another. It helped us a lot.
√ We prayed daily and concentrated on God's word for our marriage
√ We made sure we agreed on same thing. It's difficult but we did try to make it happen.
There was a time we had a disagreement and I told him to leave me to think things through again. I'd thought I'll be able to sleep but I couldn't and the matter was resolved. It was a very tough time for both of us, but God saw us through.
See you tomorrow
I love you.

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