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What Exactly Makes A Good Wife?

In my own life and marriage and those of people around me, there are some traits that I have found out that makes you a good wife.
No lady has ever being a wife before. You get married and then automatically you become a wife. Its like you put on a new role and responsibility.
But talking to ladies, it is required of them to be a wife before actually becoming a wife. They are expected to start developing character and traits of a wife before they ever become one.
The bible says "he that findeth a wife findeth good and obtains favor with God".
A woman becomes a wife material while she is still single'.
Here are some qualities that makes a woman a wife material. I will explain five important ones that I feel are paramount.
1. She must have the spiritual understanding and depth it takes to stand by and with the man.
She must be godly enough to know that her role is first of all spiritual. She must be able to pray for her husband. She must be involved in spiritual activities. She must know God personally by praying, studying God's word and obedience of the same.
2. She must possess the ability to cope with pressure successfully.
The pressures that come with being a married woman are enormous. She must to able to manage all the areas of the marriage without breaking. In-laws, children, work, financial and social. The pressures you are facing now are your training ground preparing you for marriage.
3. She must be submissive
Her ability to be humble and submissive to her own husband is very important. Submission is not subjugation or slavery. It is God's order and must be adhered to. She has to learn submissive by practice with submission to authority figures in her life.
4. She must learn to be a friend and a companion.
There's nothing a man wants like a friend and companion. She has to be friendly by showing herself friendly first to her colleagues and friends. She has to learn to cope with people and be a friend not just in words but in deed.
5. She must learn to cook and be a home keeper
A lady that does not know how to cook or keep a house is not yet ready for marriage. She must learn to cook different dishes because whether she likes it . or not, she has to cook for her husband and must enjoy doing it.
All these qualities are some of the qualities that men are looking for in a woman.
As you improve and build up yourself in these qualities, God will open the door of marital fulfillment in Jesus name

I am a good wife-to-be  


Lord, help me to be a good wife-to-be 


1Ti 3:11 (MSG)  No exceptions are to be made for women—same qualifications: serious, dependable, not sharp-tongued, not overfond of wine.

Read books on how to be a good wife

Psalms 32, 51, 86, 122

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