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What To Do When You Are Not Interested Part 2

Hello dear ladies and guys out there. So, I started this topic yesterday and will conclude today.
We established that a 'NO' or an 'I AM NOT INTERESTED' need not be a tug of war. There should be no oppression of any sort from any quarters. Some guys or even ladies will so much pressurize and vex the person that some will out of frustration will give a 'YES'. That is definitely not right.
Entering a relationship should be of mutual consent. You need to also note that I am talking about 'Not Interested'. This means you do not intend in any way to be an hypocrite. I love Yoruba proverbs, so rich. One of such is, ' Whatever you do not intend to eat don't begin to smell or romance it". Please. if you are not interested in a guy or lady, let your actions also be in agreement with this.
Some are used to saying they are not interested yet, they receive as many gifts as possible. They are not interested yet the want to enjoy every benefit from you. Please beware of such people. Don't be all around a lady or guy only to say later you were not interested.
As people of integrity, stay clear of any person you are not interested in going out with. Stay clear for others who may be interested to have access. Remember, everything we do is a seed. You can not eat your cake and have it. Once you have decided you are not interested, stop the mental and emotional re-consideration.
Once you decide you are not interested be courageous enough to move on. Now, a word for our brothers and sisters. Once you have been told, "I am not Interested", accept it in good faith and trust God, never insist or beg, let go. Even if she would have a change of mind, let it be her sole decision.
Let me conclude this with the two last points on this topic.
4. Never get bitter or offended
Some get bitter against God and then of course against the lady or guy. Objectively, you don't have to be offended. God is never keeping something good from you.
Trust Him to bring something and some one great into your life. Some believe, God disappointed them or they thought they heard God. Well. God remains God and you remain human. So get to learn more about God and how to hear Him for direction.
Bitterness against the lady or guy is totally immature. If you respect her you will respect her decision and choice.
5. Never enter into depression
Its a wrong way to handle an 'I am not interested' situation when you get depressed or moody. It shows you are not ready for the relationship in the first place.
Have a humorous way of handling it. Have a good attitude. That is definitely not the end of the world. Turn what ever disappointment into praise and allow God order your step aright.

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Pro 17:22 (KJV)  A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.


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Job 29 - 31

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