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What To Look For In A Godly Lady As A Wife

There are different kinds of ladies out there. There are godly ladies and ungodly ladies. There are born again sisters and those who are not born again. There are those who have given their lives to Jesus at one time and have also collected back the life from Jesus after some time.

There are those who are born again but their minds are not renewed yet, hence, they still do all they used to do before they got born again.
There are strange women which the scripture warned about. There are ladies who will genuinely be an addition to you because he that finds a “wife” finds good and obtains favour from the Lord!
Interestingly, you can find all these categories right in church! This morning, I want to tell you a few things to take note of ”
The scriptures says “ He that finds a “wife,” not a sister or sisto!
So, the indication here is that every lady must become a wife before being found! And this talks about your preparation, not relocating to your fiancé’s house!
You are not supposed to move into his house before marriage to go and prove anything. That is not what we are talking about here.
If he does not trust you enough to love and believe He has been led of God, then it may not be worth it. It is not scriptural for you to move into a guy’s house before marriage to go and cook, wash clothes, boxers and singlets, nay, that is an affliction!
If a brother is insisting you should be pregnant before marriage, then something is wrong somewhere, because he is more or less telling you to despise God’s injunctions.
So if you agree and get pregnant, and then you are preparing for wedding and it’s just two weeks away, God forbid, if there is a miscarriage, what happens? He will postpone wedding?
God has not called you into such sexual experiments, which translates to disobedience to God! That way, you risk losing God’s favour and support!
If you already made that mistake, it’s okay, don’t allow the devil to plummet you with agonizing guilt, ask for forgiveness and move on with your life.
But if you are about to do such things, I stand as God’s mouth-piece and servant to let you know that it is not God’s plan for your life!
And you know what? You will have the greatest level of result and fulfillment when you are in God’s plan!
Here are few things to watch out for in a godly lady
1. She is a genuine child of God, born again and spirit filled with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
Pastor, why speaking in tongues? That is the power of Christianity! Without it, Christianity will be a bore. You have been configured to survive as a child of God with the help of the Holy Spirit, not without Him. He is the one that will help you live above sin!
Listen to me, there are certain things you will just not understand when you are not filled with the Holy Spirit! Do you know the Holy Spirit is the one that will help you identify the right spouse and warn you against wrong relationships?
As a wife, do you know you need the help of the Holy Spirit to fully submit to your husband?
2. She has a mentor or Pastor over her.
She is submissive to spiritual authority. If she is not submissive to spiritual authority, there may be issues afterwards with submission.
3. She is not trying set you up with jeru trip. Only strange women go after men and looking for jeru trip! A good lady will want to keep her virtue!
At this junction, I must mention that there are genuine cases where it is not as if the lady in question is promiscuous, but she has been introduced to jeru trip and sundries at a tender age and she has grown up sexually active.
To such ladies, jeru trip is no different from any other thing. While this experience is not her fault, the reality is that she is not supposed to stay on this level.
Her background is not enough reason for her back to remain on the ground. With the help of God, she is to clean up and stay away from every compromise!
Sin shall not have dominion over you! It means you can be in control with the help of God’s Spirit. You see, the seed of God in you is life, and it doesn’t go together with a sinful lifestyle!
If you find yourself, in this scenario, I want you to cry to God and ask for His help. He will send help to you!
I pray that God grant you more understanding.

I have God's wisdom to do the right thing

I resist every sinful lifestyle in Jesus name


For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.
(Romans 6:14 KJV)

Decide to stop all sinful lifestyles

1 Samuel 9-12

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