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  • “I cannot marry a man who doesn’t have car!”   

“He must be rich, otherwise, no wedding!”

   “I have ported to Olorunsogo, I’m no longer in Surulere!”   

“I don’t care if he is not good looking,...
  • Oh my God, everything is set!

   The hips, the lips and the tips!

   The right statistics are all there!

   And above all, she is spiritual!   

I have listened to her tongues, it is the tongues of an angel!

   Well, the r...
  • She woke up with a start.   Impulsively and almost uncontrollably, she bellowed “the blood of Jesus!”   His face scared her a little. 
 She had forgotten she got married a day before!


I want a handsome man!

  • Job 22:21 (KJV)  
 Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee.

   By the Spirit of God, I will like to show you the fundamentals of knowing who to marry.   

It is an adventure in God in learning and discovering revel...
  • Yesterday, we started looking at this topic, Questions To Ask Him When He Looks Like Mr.Right.   Today, we will be concluding by looking at more questions. 

   These questions are not the ultimate deciders, but just to simply guide you on how to engage a prospective lov...
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