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Our Partners help in touching lives across the globe & keep this site running & God blesses them in return! Together, we share in the eternal reward of every man and woman touched, every marriage restored and every salvaged relationships. KHC partners help to defray huge monthly costs of maintianing our server, organising meetings and other minsitry expenses.

Apart from becoming a monthly partner, as God leads you, you may also support KHC with your seed, tithe, firstfruit, pledge or love offering.

Thanks for being part of this vision.


What is Partnership?

Partnership with Kisses and Huggs Club (KHC) is a covenant connection. It is a commitment to assist Dunamis & Sophia with fulfilling their God-given destiny to impact the lives of millions through the good News. Every soul saved and every life touched through KHC is also credited to the heavenly accounts of our Partners.


Partnership is not just an avenue to raise finances. It is a mutual exchange of faithfulness. Dunamis & Sophia faithfully and actively pray daily for all KHC Partners. Partners of KHC have a right to connect to the anointing that is on this ministry, which has touched lives on every continent on the planet earth! They have a right to leverage on that anointing to produce for them in relationships, marriage, business, career and every area of life!



Methods of Giving

1. Deposit or Transfer


a. Guarantee Trust Bank 
Account Name: Kisses and Huggs Club
Account Number: 0150088032 

b. Diamond Bank
Account Name: Kisses and Huggs Club
Account Number: 0080369418


2. Credit Card/PayPal

You can pay from anywhere in the world using this option. Payment is Processed by 2CheckOut Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Kisses and Huggs Club.

Choose options below:

Monthly Partnership - Click as Applicable

$10 – Bronze Partner Monthly (BPM)

$25- Silver Partner Monthly (SPM)
$30 - Silver Partner Monthly 2 (SPM)

$50 – Gold Partner Monthly (GPM)

$100 – Platinum Partner Monthly (PPM)

$250 – Royal Platinum Partner Monthly (RPPM)

Request for a Specific Amount not indicated here


One Time Partnership - Click as Applicable

$10 - Mini Bronze Partner Once

$15 - Mini Bronze 2 Partner Once

$20 - Mini Bronze 3 Partner Once

$30 - Mini Bronze 4 Partner Once

$50 - Bronze Partner Once

$80 - Bronze Partner 2 Once

$100 - Silver Partner Once  

$120 – Silver Partner 2 Once

$124.88 - KHC Hub

$200 - Gold Partner Once
$250 - Gold 2 Partner Once

$500 - Platinum Partner Once

$1000 - Royal Platinum Partner Once

$5000 - KHC Hub Once Medium

Request for a Specific Amount not indicated here

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