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    You Will Need
    ...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Let's ensure we devote at least 30 minute...  more
  • Without Me, You can do nothing..

    Have you ever wondered if you...  more
  • Isaiah 54:14 (KJV) In righteousness shalt thou be established: ...  more
  • Olowogbogboro: How the apostles broke through into the mind of t...  more
  • Pride, a sense of superiority goes before a fall.
    I remember one...  more
  • Psalm 16:6-8, KJV
    The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant place...  more
  • Isaiah 54:17 (KJV) No weapon that is formed against thee shall ...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    2 Thessalonians 3:1
    Finally, brothers, pr...  more
  • Exodus 11:3 (KJV) And the LORD gave the people favour in the si...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Deuteronomy 8:18, KJV
    But thou shalt reme...  more
  • Hello..let's see what we have for our oily skin sisters ...  more
  • Romans 8:33 (KJV) Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God'...  more
  • We are created by God in his image and after his likeness...we s...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Zechariah 8:23, KJV
    Thus saith the Lord o...  more
  • Hello family its a beaitiful we will be looking at jus...  more
  • Don't let anyone decieve you or do not be deceived. If you are n...  more
  • Psalms 85:12 (KJV) Yea, the LORD shall give that which is good;...  more

    Ephesians 6:18, MSG
    In the same way, pray...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Hebrews 13:6, MSG
    We can boldly quote, Go...  more
  • Hello, it's a beautiful day
    Cucumber is something like 95% water...  more
  • Hi.a lovely day to you all.let's have a quick look at this recip...  more
  • Psalms 44:26 (KJV) Arise for our help, and redeem us for thy me...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Micah 5:5, KJV
    And this man shall be the ...  more
  • Isaiah 50:7 (KJV) For the Lord GOD will help me; therefore shal...  more
  • A guy is sitting at home when he hears a knock at the door. He o...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Revelations 12:11, NLT
    And they have defe...  more
  • Hello family its a great day
    today will continue with our face m...  more
  • Best Face Masks for Acne – Recipes on How to Make

    Did you know ...  more
  • Genesis 28:3 (KJV) And God Almighty bless thee, and make thee f...  more
  • Olowogbogboro: How the apostles broke through into the mind of t...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Acts 5:12;14, MSG
    Through the work of the...  more
  • For I know the thoughts that I think towards you declares the Lo...  more
  • 1 Peter 3:7 (KJV) Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them accord...  more
  • Hello..its a beautiful day..

    Homemade Acne Face Masks
    ...  more
  • 1 Corinthians 2:10-12, MSG
    But you've seen and heard it because ...  more
  • We live in a world where we are surrounded with different distra...  more
  • 1 Corinthians 2:8-9, MSG

    The experts of our day haven't a clue ...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Philippians 4:6-7, MSG
    6 Don't fret or wo...  more
  • What are you sowing into that relationship of yours. Are you lea...  more
  • Gen 26:22b (AMP) so he named it Rehoboth (broad places), saying...  more
  • Atopic Dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis is the most common form of ...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Psalm 16:6-8, KJV
    The lines are fallen un...  more
  • For those of us who have gone ahead.

    When your would be father...  more
  • We have power in our mouths...You can command things over your l...  more
  • Psalms 89:22 (KJV) The enemy shall not exact upon him; nor the ...  more
  • "For at that time day by day there came to David to help him, un...  more
  • Hi how are you all doing let's take a look at the h...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Psalm 124:7, MSG
    We've flown free from th...  more
  • Psalms 20:4 (KJV) Grant thee according to thine own heart, and ...  more
  • The wait is finally over.

    You can stream or download Steve Crow...  more
  •'s a beautiful day...

    Beauty Habits You Should Do Every...  more
  • A man once developed a thanksgiving attitude to the extent that ...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Jude 1:23, KJV
    And others save with fear...  more
  • Everybody has a time and season for their Lives. Don't compare y...  more
  • Psalms 38:22 (KJV) Make haste to help me, O Lord my salvation.
    ...  more
  • Hello family..its a lovely early morning...i will be sharing wit...  more
  • : Onion Juice and Honey Hair Loss Treatment

    Onion juice is one ...  more
  • Deuteronomy 33:23 (KJV) And of Naphtali he said, O Naphtali, sa...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    2 Samuel 5:10, KJV
    David proceeded with a...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Joshua 1:3-5
    Every place that the sole o...  more
  • You can never go wrong following Jesus. Yes it might look stupid...  more
  • Zechariah 4:9 (KJV) The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the found...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Proverbs 18:22, KJV
    Whoso findeth a wife ...  more
  • Habakkuk 3:19 (KJV) The LORD God is my strength, and he will ma...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Hebrew 4:16 (KJV) - Let us therefore come ...  more
  • Psalms 126:3 (KJV) The LORD hath done great things for us; wher...  more
  • Hello family a beautiful day to you
    Home Remedies for Skin Rejuv...  more
  • What doesn't seem to be going on well with you....

    I want you t...  more
  • Bae: So dad, when should I bring him to come meet you?

    Dad: Do...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Psalm 85:12, KJV
    Yea, the Lord shall giv...  more
  • 1 Chronicles 5:22 (KJV) For there fell down many slain, because...  more
  • Hello..ingredients at home that guarantee beautiful skin

     Lemon...  more
  • Be Persistent

    Our God is a God that shows so much mercies. He i...  more
  • Habits That Make You Age Faster and Look Older

    Aging is inevita...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Matthew 26:41
    Watch and pray, that ye ente...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    1 Thessalonians 5:23
    And the very God of ...  more
  • Steve Crown is set to release another tool for worship ”ALL THE ...  more
  • Isaiah 49: 25 (KJV) But thus saith the LORD, Even the captives o...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    2 Corinthians 9:8 MSG
    God can pour on the...  more
  • Don't settle for crumbs! You are more than a Dog as seen in Matt...  more
  • Job 40:22 (KJV) The shady trees cover him with their shadow; the...  more
  • Tosin Alao aka Sir T officially releases a single titled “Elohim...  more
  • It is a lovely raining Tuesday..let's continue on the natural re...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    2 Thessalonians 3:1
    Finally, brothers, pr...  more
  • Dearest KHC Partners,Php 4:17, 19 (MSG)  Not that I'm looking fo...  more
  • As a child of God, fervent in the spirit , serving the Lord. The...  more
  • Zechariah 4:7 (KJV) Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zeru...  more
  • A pleasant afternoon beautiful people
    so many people re battlin...  more
  • Is right or wrong to ask a lady out over the phone (whatsApp, SM...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Psalm 119:18, KJV
    Open thou mine eyes,...  more
  • This is the longest article I have ever posted. The reason being...  more
  • Psalms 3:7 (KJV) Arise, O LORD; save me, O my God: for thou has...  more
  • Sometimes, we take things for granted and leave it the way it is...  more
  • Best Natural Ingredients for Healthy Hair, Gorgeous Skin & Stron...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Psalm 90:14, GWT
  • Isa 3:10 Say ye to the righteous, that well : for they shall ea...  more
  • Psalms 90:14 (KJV) O satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we m...  more
  • Hi its a lovely evening.. come along as I show how to get smooth...  more
  • Good Morning Beloved

    Genesis 39:21, KJV
    But the Lord was with ...  more
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