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Praise God. I want to thank the Lord for His healing power upon my life. I was returning from work on thursday the 24th day of March 2016 when suddenly I felt a sharp pain at my back; it continued through the weekend. On monday the 28th day of March 2016, I woke up in the morning and started reading the devotional for that day; while I was reading, I came across where Pastor Dunamis said and I quote “Now there is no distance in the spirit realm. 

Put your hands on where that sickness or pain is right now. I curse that sickness. I command the strongman of infirmity to lose its hold right now in Jesus name. That sickness dies now. That pain leaves now. I release over you the resurrection power from the crown of your head to the sole foyer feet! Be healed now in Jesus name! You can check your body now! Glory to God!” I did exactly what he said and that was how I was healed completely. Hallelujah!

— Ruth Yas Tara