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How To Pay

Kisses and Huggs Club has been privileged to provide counsels for singles and married across the world in the last few years.

KHC is now bringing these lessons and classes that has bought succor to many and saved many relationships and marriages to you, wherever you are, on the go!

Friendship and Courtship School is for those who are yet to begin a relationship and need to learn all about friendship, dating and sex.

Marriage Counseling School is for those who are getting ready to marry, those who are in courtship presently or newly wedded who had not undergone extensive marriage counseling and are having issues.

KHC Academy is opening its courses and lectures to all at a token.

The Friendship/Courtship School used to cost N10,000 while Marriage Counseling School was at N15,000. A total of N25,000.  But not any longer!

We want all across the world to access these life changing courses while the fees should not be a hindrance.

Hence,  BOTH SCHOOLS consisting of over 20 classes with over 100 online quiz tests will now cost you only N3,500 or $10!

Compared to what you will learn and gain, this is nothing!

Beware of a prospective lover who refuses to register in such a school for one reason or the other!

If he is pressurizing you for sex, tell him to go and register for the schools. If you think she doesn't know what the purpose of a relationship is, tell her to register and go through the lessons and the tests!

Before you propose to her, go through those classes!

Before you say "I do," go through the lessons!

Let the lessons and classes be a rallying point for your friendship before making a commitment for courtship!

Go ahead and register! Tell your lover/fiance/spouse to go through the school!

You can pay online or by making a deposit of N3,500 to:

a. Guarantee Trust Bank 
Kisses and Huggs Club

b. Diamond Bank
Kisses and Huggs Club


Or with Credit Card/Paypal by clicking here:

$10 Academy Fees

You can also make a direct transfer to our Domiciliary Account Here

Account Name
Kisses and Huggs Club
DOLLAR Account Number (USD): 0150992151
POUND STERLING Account Number (GBP):
EURO Account Number (EUR): 0150992632

You can also pay through SKRILL using using the email

Once payment has been made, kindly fill this form HERE

After filling the form, we will confirm your payment and you will be granted access to BOTH schools. All you will need to do is to visit the schools HERE and click on subscribe. That's it!.

After each of the classes, there is a test for you to see whether you have learnt anything. Your marks will be shown to you and will be online for you to reference at any time.

Please, note that you MUST be registered on KHC to be able to access the classes. If you haven't registered on KHC, you can do that HERE

Before you propose, before you say Yes, while you are preparing for wedding, just after wedding, the schools are all for you!

Once again, welcome to Kisses and Huggs Academy!

NB - Kindly note that KHC Academy is heavily subsidized. We intend to add more and more schools for singles and married couples. If you will like to partner with the ministry or give towards what we are doing, you can use any of the above channels or simply visit our Partnership Page HERE