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    February 6, 2017 6:37 PM CET
    Good evening everyone.There is an issue I want to discuss concerning my marriage.Let me start this way for a better clarification.
    My parents are separated and my Dad has married another woman like six years ago.Ever since they had been separated,my mum has been staying alone and I was trying to fend for my self so could go to school.Im not the only product between them,we were four,the rest of the boys are late.They had been sick all their lives could not do anything on their own ,it had been my mum going through all the troubles of taking care of the three children with very little or no money to take care of them,eventually they passed on.So my mum really had a turbulent time.I got married three years ago  and my husband has always been telling me  he wants mum to come and stay with us.i usually try to discourage him because I know then he was not really in good terms with my mum he is always saying one bad thing about her and kept on wondering what mum did that could warrant such.So when he came with that idea,i said no because I did not want trouble.It was recently I got to know that it was his parents idea and they insisted because of my mother's condition,she needed care,she need to be around people and be happy and all that.
    so my mum came over when I had my baby seven months ago,she sold some of her things, she dashed out  some and came over to Lagos taking care of my baby while my husband and I go to work,she helps me with the house chores because I get home  late and tired most times.Not long after she came,my husband started putting up attitutdes towards my mum,some times he wont greet her .He even came up to say he does not want to see mum in his house again.I tried to explain to him,sometimes beg him and cry he would still be adamant.There is nothing my mum would do that she knows how to do.Ive been battling with this and Im having a lot sleepness nights on this issue.Please should I tell my mum about how my husband feels about her.She knows from my husband's behaviour towards her that she is not welcomed but each time she want to assert that I always ty to cover up so that my husband will not look like a bad person to her.His brother is staying with us and i'm nice to him.there is no time he needs any support towards he's  parent that I don't offer him the needed assistance.I don't know if I should open up to my mum about the way my husband feels concerning  her.I don't even know where to push my mum to now because i'm the  the only one left for her and at the same time I want peace in my home.Don't know what to do,please help.Thanks and God bless you
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    February 7, 2017 9:39 AM CET

    Hmmm, your mum has been through too much already. It is not fair your husband is behaving this way after all your earlier concerns. Please this is a very delicate issue and should be handled with wisdom and patience.

    Telling your mother how your husband feels is not necessary because I am sure she already knows that from his attitude towards her. It's also good that she has contributed to helping out and refraining from causing arguments.

    Your husband is the one who has some talking to do. He is bottling up some thoughts in his heart which is the root of his disaffection towards her. You need to get to the core of his heart so that he will speak up. HE HAS TO SPEAK UP!!

    Finally, you need to pray, pray, pray. How is the spiritual altar in your home? You need to uproot every spirit of disaffection and malice, scatter satanic altars, take captive of every thought and bring them in obedience to the name of Jesus.

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    February 7, 2017 1:31 PM CET
    Thank you sir
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    February 9, 2017 8:52 AM CET
    To add to that, seek counselling...... Godly counselling over the issue....... The attitude towards ur mother didn't start last night, it has been there since u got married....... Also how often do you guys communicate??? If communication is strong, the root cause should be discovered and addressed spiritually for its physical that answers to the spiritual